Why Lawn Maintenance Is Still Important Through The Dry Hot Months

Even during hot, dry months it's still important to keep your lawn green, healthy and well-maintained. Lawns play a variety of roles. While most people simply enjoy the aesthetic beauty of a gorgeous, properly maintained lawn, beauty isn't the only reason to ensure your lawn remains healthy all year long. A great lawn can help increase the value of a property, contribute to community pride and social harmony, enhance people's quality of life and be of significant benefit to the environment. 


Curb Appeal 

A well-maintained, properly landscaped lawn can make any home or commercial property look great. This often draws the attention of people walking or driving by the property and makes them want to slow down and appreciate the beauty of the lawn and how good it makes the property it surrounds look. That's called curb appeal. It can help to brighten up the look of any community if all the properties have well-manicured lawns and eye-popping curb appeal. Don’t let dry, hot, weather destroy your lawn and detract from your property's curb appeal.


Diminished Property Value 

A neglected lawn with dry, brown grass and bald spots lowers the value of a commercial or residential property in the eyes of many buyers. It may mean they are going to make an offer that's thousands of dollars lower than if the lawn surrounding it were green, thick, healthy and well-maintained even it hot, dry weather. That shows owners who pay attention to detail. Buyers may begin to wonder if the owners neglect the lawn they see every day, what other important maintenance issues are they ignoring. In their eyes that devalues the property and makes buying it a risky proposition. 


Social Harmony 

Few things bring a community closer than a get-together on a beautifully maintained lawn sharing tasty food and refreshing drinks. This gives community members an opportunity to get to know each other, network and enjoy each other's company. These types of gatherings improve social harmony and help people to interact with others in their community. The gatherings generally happen during the hottest times of the year. So it is essential people who want to be able to host the get-togethers make sure their lawns are properly maintained and looking good. 


Improved Quality Of Life 

When you have a healthy, well-maintained lawn, during the warm months people and pets can have fun frolicking in the grass and spending precious time outdoors enjoying the sunshine and gentle breezes. Keeping your lawn looking good all summer long means your Memorial Day, Mother's Day and Fourth of July parties can all be held outdoors. The kids can have water slides or kiddie pools on the grass while grownups sit in the shade manning the grill, sipping adult beverages, playing music and laughing out loud. Playing in the grass and having fun is the quality of life many without green, healthy, lawns in the hot summer only dream of getting the chance to enjoy. 


Environmental Benefits 

While keeping your lawn green, well-fed, regularly cut and looking good provides home and business owners with many personal benefits, well-maintained lawns benefit the overall environment as well. A healthy lawn creates a natural filtration system. This natural air filter takes 12 million tons of dust and dirt out of the air in the United States each year. Plus, healthy, green lawns filter water as well. This helps to keep the neighborhood clean. In addition, lush green lawns transform carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases into clean air for people to breathe. So keeping your lawn well-maintained during the dry months not only makes it look good, it helps to keep your environment healthier. 


Prevent Soil Erosion 

Bare soil can easily be swept away by both wind and water. Planting grass can be an important step in reducing soil erosion. Grass plants have fibrous roots that spread out in many directions. Their deep root system helps keep the soil in place. When you keep your lawn well-maintained even in hot, dry weather, you are helping to ensure all the nutrients are not leached out of the soil and large bald spots are not created. Without the grass, widespread soil erosion can take place and the dirt that is washed away when the rains return and clog the drainage system and serious cause problems.


Flood Control 

By taking a few simple steps, it's possible to have a healthy lawn that's better able to absorb the rain when it falls. It requires using organic fertilizer very early each spring and setting the lawnmower to 3” or higher. This enables the roots of the grass in your lawn to grow better. When your lawn has more roots, it is able to absorb more water, reduce runoff and help with flood control. Even in the hot, dry, months, watering infrequently, but deeply, removing weeds using hand tools and ensuring the lawn is properly aerated, can help with flood control.


Prevent Lawn Diseases 

Maintaining your lawn during dry spells and very hot times can help to prevent lawn diseases from developing. Brown patch disease can pose a serious threat to your lawn's health and stability. There are certain diseases that are more prevalent in different areas and are exacerbated by variances in temperature. Diseases like Brown patch typically thrives when the weather gets warmer. Regular year-round lawn care can help to prevent those problems from developing or nip them in the bud as soon as they start. Regular maintenance can also help to eliminate pests and weeds. 


Living Organisms Require Care 

Lawns are living organisms. They require the right nutrients to remain healthy and continue to grow. We can create a regular maintenance plan to help you keep your lawn green and healthy all year long. We are a premier, full-service landscaping company that has been maintaining commercial and residential properties in the Greater Lansing area for years. We also provide high quality landscaping and hardscaping services for home and business owners in Bath, Charlotte, DeWitt, Eaton Rapids, Grand Ledge, Haslett, Holt, Laingsburg, Mason, Okemos, Owoso, Perry, St. Johns and Williamston.


We can show you when and how to properly fertilize your lawn and improve your soil quality to keep your lawn green and healthy. We can even design an exquisite garden or landscaping focal point such as a paver patio or breathtaking water feature for you. Plus, we can carry out key lawn care services like: 

  • Aeration 
  • Liming 
  • Weed Control 
  • Pest Control 
  • Clean up 

 The National Association of Realtors says curb appeal was an important factor in 71% of home purchases. Plus, home and business owners get more satisfaction from property with a healthy lawn where people and pets can play. Lawn maintenance is more than just a vanity project. It offers environmental benefits, can make you thousands when selling your home and brighten up your mood every day.